Adult Community Justice
arrowbubble.gif American Probation and Parole Association
arrowbubble.gif Interstate Compact
arrowbubble.gif Interstate Compact Rules
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Association of Community Corrections Directors
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Corrections
Community Resources
arrowbubble.gif Easter Seals
arrowbubble.gif Housing
arrowbubble.gif Sheriffs Office
Juvenile Justice
arrowbubble.gif Court Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA)
CASA of Josephine County
arrowbubble.gif 2011 Residential Code Wall Bracing Requirements-Forms and Charts
2011 Residential Code Wall Bracing Requirements- Forms and Charts. The prescriptive wall bracing requirements are required to be shown clearly on the plans per code section R106.1.1. These forms and/or the assistance of a design professional will help prepare plans that can be reviewed in a timely manner. (There are no Building Safety personnel available to assist with the design or configuration of the wall bracing requirements.) Also, see the link to the "Simpson Strong-Tie" wall bracing calculator
arrowbubble.gif 2011 Residential Code Wall Bracing Requirements-Simpson Strong-Tie Calculator
2011 Residential Code Wall Bracing Requirements- Simpson Strong-Tie Wall Bracing Calculator The prescriptive wall bracing requirements are required to be shown clearly on the plans per code section R106.1.1. These forms and/or the assistance of a design professional will help prepare plans that can be reviewed in a timely manner. (There are no Building Safety personnel available to assist with the design or configuration of the wall bracing requirements.) Also, see the link to the "Forms and Charts" wall bracing calculator
arrowbubble.gif ADAPT Substance Abuse Counseling
arrowbubble.gif Boys and Girls Club - Rogue Valley
arrowbubble.gif Center on Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
arrowbubble.gif Chamber of Commerce
arrowbubble.gif Child Support Guidelines Calculator
arrowbubble.gif City of Grants Pass
arrowbubble.gif Coalition for Kids (CFK)
arrowbubble.gif Community Living Case Management (CLCM) Developmental Disability Services
arrowbubble.gif Crime Victim Compensation
arrowbubble.gif Crime Victim Rights
arrowbubble.gif Defense Finance and Accounting Service
arrowbubble.gif Department of Justice Child Support Division
arrowbubble.gif Department of Justice Crime Victims' Assistance
arrowbubble.gif Department of Revenue
BOPTA Appeals
arrowbubble.gif DLCD ~ Proposed New or Amended Administrative Rules
(Solar) and (Irrigation) OAR 660-033-0130 (Agricultural Land) OAR 660-033-0120 (Table 1)
arrowbubble.gif Facebook for Josephine County Animal Shelter
Visit our Facebook page for the Josephine County Animal Shelter to view our adoptable animals as well as shelter news and happenings!
arrowbubble.gif Facebook for Lost and Found Animals
Facebook page open for public to post Lost or Found animals.
arrowbubble.gif Facebook page for Shelter Friends
Facebook page for Shelter Friends of Josephine County a non-profit group of volunteers supporting the Shelter
arrowbubble.gif Food Handlers Testing Site
Online Food Handler Testing
arrowbubble.gif Grants Pass School District #7
arrowbubble.gif Heart Gallery of Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Important Travel Information
Important information regarding immunizations when traveling abroad
arrowbubble.gif Inn Between Youth
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center
arrowbubble.gif Jefferson Behavioral Health Care Organization (JBH)
arrowbubble.gif Josephine County Circuit Court Docket
arrowbubble.gif Josephine County Circuit Court Website
arrowbubble.gif Josephine County Job Council
arrowbubble.gif Josephine County YMCA
arrowbubble.gif License/Adoption/Complaint Forms
A link to Animal Protection Documents
arrowbubble.gif Live at the Anne Basker
Josephine County Anne Basker Auditorium's Live Stream
arrowbubble.gif National Gang Center
arrowbubble.gif National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
arrowbubble.gif National Institute of Corrections
arrowbubble.gif National Institute of Justice
arrowbubble.gif National Institute on Drug Abuse
arrowbubble.gif National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
arrowbubble.gif National Mental Health Association
arrowbubble.gif Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
arrowbubble.gif On Track Substance Abuse Counseling
arrowbubble.gif Options for Southern Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Options of Southern Oregon
arrowbubble.gif OREGON AIDS/STD Hotline
The Oregon AIDS/STD Hotline features: 1.) English/Spanish telephone referrals 6 days per week (toll free). 2.) Online chat support. 3.) A 'shopping cart' feature to save selected resources. 4.) Oregon specific resources relating to HIV/AIDS and STDs. 5.) Information updated twice yearly and/or as new information is provided.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Commission on Children and Families (OCCF)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Education (ODE)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Transportation
Check out what State roads, bridges, and projects are currently being worked on. Maps, State regulations, DMV information, etc. are also available.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Government Information Page
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Health Authority's Maternal Mental Health
Postpartum Depression Link
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Juvenile Department Directors Association
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Partnership
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Partnership - Drug Prevention
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Progress Board (Benchmarks)
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Revised Statutes
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Trip Check
Oregon Department of Transportation Trip Check page includes road conditions, road cams, winter travel, and route alternatives. The way to go!
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Youth Authority
arrowbubble.gif Partnership For a Drug Free America
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Community College (RCC)
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG)
arrowbubble.gif Search Institute - 40 Developmental Assets
arrowbubble.gif Social & Emotional Development
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon Adolescent Study and Treatment Center (SOASTC)
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon Chapter of the International Code Council
The membership of the Southern Oregon Chapter of the International Code Council (SOC-ICC) is made up of local code administration professionals, such as Building Officials, Plans Examiners, Inspectors, etc., from Southern Oregon. Monthly meetings alternate between Medford and Grants Pass.
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon Education Service District (SOESD)
arrowbubble.gif Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administation (SAMHSA)
arrowbubble.gif Swindells Center - Resource for Children & Families
arrowbubble.gif Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children (TACSEI)
arrowbubble.gif The Oregon Parent Training & Information Center (OrPTI)
arrowbubble.gif Theft Talk/Theft Education Class
arrowbubble.gif Three Rivers School District
arrowbubble.gif United Community Action Network (UCAN)
arrowbubble.gif VA Home Page
arrowbubble.gif Vet Center
arrowbubble.gif Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)
Oregon Department of Justice website for Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE). VINE will tell you if an offender is in custody in Oregon and will give you other important custody and/or probation and parole information. You can leave a phone number to be called automatically when that offender is released, transferred, escapes, dies, or has a change in parole or probation status.
arrowbubble.gif View Oregon codes - Free
Online view of Oregon codes. Note that they cannot be downloaded or printed. If you wish to purchase a code book check out the International Code Council link.
arrowbubble.gif Volunteer Aplication
arrowbubble.gif Women's Crisis Support Team (WCST)
arrowbubble.gif ORS 294.250
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